Singapore’s SME migration of the decade to cloud accounting

Singapore’s SME migration of the decade to cloud accounting

Singapore’s SME migration of the decade to cloud accounting

In earlier days SMEs used a costly and unscalable system to track their investments. That system requires manual work due to that SMEs need to spend more money on labor costs. To reduce and avoid these issues, cloud accounting is the best solution for SMEs. This cloud platform provides reliability and scalability for your business data.

Cloud Computing

Cloud computing is one of the computing platforms to store, manage and process business financial information through the internet.  This information can be accessed from various systems through the network connection.

Cloud Computing Benefits

After migrating to the cloud SMEs can save up to 50% in savings. Cloud accounting always provides a user relationship between user demand and price.


Even non-accountants can able to handle the cloud accounting software for their business and personal use.


Cloud accounting software always stores the information in the cloud server. So your business confidential information is managed very well.


While tracking the business information manually may cause mistakes. But the cloud accounting software reduced it.

No Paper

No need for books and ledgers for accounting purposes.  Paper is not providing security for your financial documents.

SMEs best positioned to take advantage of cloud

If SMEs meet anyone of the following condition, then we advise using cloud computing.

Are you a new startup company

Are you trying to invest in new resources?

Are you going to outsource your tasks?

Few safety tips for migrating to the cloud

#1. Migrate non-system critical functions.

First, you have to migrate easy functions such as offsite backup and bookkeeping. After that, you have to migrate the other functions such as Document Management, CRM, etc.

#2. Use 30 day free trials.

Utilize the free trial to check whether this platform provides an accurate solution for your business.

#3. Demand service level agreements.

Without service level agreements don’t commit with service providers.  Before the commitment, you need to read the terms and conditions carefully to ensure whether there are any direct and indirect switching costs.

#4.  Platform certification.

You have to choose certified accounting service providers. They only know the cloud platform and how it works etc.

These are the basic safety tip for migrating to the cloud. Do you want to know more about cloud computing? You can visit the blog: Cloud accounting software benefits.  Further queries call us on + 65 6227 1797 / +65 6746 2613  and Email us on

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