EZ Payroll

EZ Payroll

Why Need Payroll Software?

EZ Payroll is listed on Singapore CPF board and IRAS as a approved vendor for submission of CPF text file online and yearly auto – inclusion text file too for yearly IR8A of employees salaries and all allowance.



Automate payroll your team easily with our user-friendly interface. Sit back, relax, and let us take care of your payroll processes. With EZ Accounting payroll, you will get to stay up-to-date on earnings, deductions, and taxes without lifting a finger. Using our payroll feature is easy.

We file your employee’s salary and statutory payments instantly when you submit your company’s payroll. And the modern payroll experience is just as amazing. With great power comes great productivity. The average time spent to run payroll in EZ Accounting is just 10 minutes. EZ Accounting payroll is made to keep up with you, thanks to the platform’s seamless and intuitive technology. You can run payroll in the fast lane.

EZ Payroll Software

EZ Payroll is listed on Singapore CPF board and IRAS as an approved vendor for submission of CPF text file online and yearly auto – inclusion text file too for yearly IR8A of employees’ salaries and all allowance and deductions.

Simple to use and user-friendly interface allows anyone who had not used payroll software before to kick start using it within 1 hour of on-site training. Our payroll software can auto compute CPF for submission online using its.TXT file which cut down a lot of manual computation of payroll.

Leave management is also included in EZ Payroll software which allows staff to apply to leave either offline or online whereby they can submit E-leave or E-Claims online using our user-friendly cloud system.


Features Of EZ Payroll Software

  • Employee Contact Information, Leave Management
  • Joining Date, Probation Period, Confirmation Date and Salary Report
  • Auto computation CPF rate for PR based on PR date. {First, Second, third}
  • Multiple Payment Modes – Cheque, Cash, Bank Giro
  • Any number of Employee Groups can be created. {Ex: Management, Staff, Temp Staff}
  • A Copy of Email of payslip can be configured to be sent to HR or employee themselves
  • Unlimited claim types can be created
  • Unlimited Payroll addition allowance or deduction types can be created

Our Values

To be a profitable provider of high quality accounting software solutions and services that provide strategic value to our customers and create a company that can attract, recruit and retain smart and talented employees. Providing customers with good our core vision such as they can put their accounting software operation in our care.


Enterprise-class cloud-based HRMS with robust functionality, scalable architecture, and integration between modules provides critical advantages over a traditional payroll application.


 we ensure our clients sound corporate governance and avoid all litigation and associated costs that may arise out of non-compliance.


To improve business intelligence with dynamic reporting, we assist in tracking and maintaining confidential data, leave and benefit records, and career movements.


We vigilantly monitor and maintain our security standards to ensure your business’s confidential information, and the database is protected. 

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