EZ Point Of Sales( POS)

Why Need EZ Point Of Sales( POS) ?

Point of Sales System (also known as POS) helps in retail management or F&B outlet when it comes to touch screen ordering of items and link to our Touch Screen Cash Register terminal.

POS System Singapore

Sales transactions are  entered easily with a touch screen monitor at the POS terminal, increasing the speed with which the transaction occurs and reducing the waste of time using a mouse scrolling up and down and numerous of clicks!

Stocks are easily track at each outlet using online cloud Retails Point Of Sales( also known as Retail POS)such as each item sold are tracked in our powerful POS inventory control system within the POS software itself. EZ Point of Sales is link to EZ Accounting and EZ Inventory System such as auto update of stock and accounting figures are done within seconds by itself. This can helps in instant viewing of your profit costing of your items and stocks transfer between warehouse to each outlets.

Point Of Sales Singapore

Features Of EZ Point Of Sales (POS)

  • Installed on any Win OS.
  • Issue purchase order
  • Email purchase order to suppliers
  • User friendly interface for your grouping of items on Touch Screen Pos Termainal
  • Track staff login time and transcations
  • Monitor movement of stocks
  • Printing of receipts either from dot matrix printer / terminal printer / laser printer
  • Stock transfer at different location
  • Viewing of stocks at different locations
  • Powerful stock reporting
  • Printing of Z-reporting
  • Sales reporting of stocks



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