Customized Solutions

Customized Solutions

What is Customized Solution Software?

customized solution, be it an application, a CMS, or a custom site, usually performs better for longer than an out-of-the-box alternative.are sure.our expertise in software development will help you to achieve cost effective solution


Why Need To Use Customized Solutions?

Customized Solutions Software helps in a way whereby you had used off the shelf accounting software Singapore but it could only do only half of your operation needs such as if you need an online ordering system or you had different units of measurements of the same items, we had the solutions for you!

Our customized solutions software is able to integrated with Sage_Ubs accounting software or EZ Accounting or even Myob Accounting Software. Customized solutions such as inventory ERP system or maid online system for monitoring database of maid database and insurance due and other needs. Talk to us now and we are able to customized based on your company requirements.

Customized Software Solution

EZ Accounting team is happy to customize the system according to various business requirements at affordable prices. Every company or organization has a system that is closely interlinked with all the varied departments and keeping all the data from these numerous sources together and updated, is a matter of great importance.

Hence, a Customized Solution is required to meet their business needs and fulfill the requirement of every department. We provide customized solutions for all your unique situations. 

Our business analyst team will study and understand your business process and the Development team, delivering you a customized software system that completely matches your business logic and flow. EZ Accounting team provides you inexpensive business software solutions by customizing existing solutions or even creating the software from scratch to meet your Business needs. 


Why is customized software development is the right choice for your business requirements?

No matter if your system is a complete end-to-end suite developed and delivered is a need to further develop the capabilities for your systems, our team of experienced locally-based system analysts and developers will be able to meet your various needs.

On top of the software development aspects, our team is also able to advise on the necessary hardware and infrastructural deployment which is necessary to support the proposed software solution for your firm.We use the most popular technologies in the world to create and deliver the best and stable software solution. 

Our Values

To be a profitable provider of high quality accounting software solutions and services that provide strategic value to our customers and create a company that can attract, recruit and retain smart and talented employees. Providing customers with good our core vision such as they can put their accounting software operation in our care.

Planning and Design

We build customized solution software as unique as your business processes. Our highly skilled Software supports you in designing using the best-suited technologies for your purposes.


Custom software is our business and your advantage. By continuously streamlining our software process and exclusively working we can provide you with well-integrated and highly efficient teams to develop.


We develop customized software solutions that will make your business grow. We achieve the required software Initialization to quality through loops that allow our developers to solve problems more quickly.

Software support

Software support successful implementation is not going to accomplish without a long term reliable support team. Our Team is a valid license without any interruption during online support.

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