Things to be Consider to Start Up Accounting Software

Things to be Consider to Start Up Accounting Software

Things to be Consider to Start-Up Accounting Software

Simple to use and user-friendly interface allows anyone who had not used payroll software before to kick start using it within 1 hour of on-site training. Our payroll software has the capability to auto compute CPF for submission online using it’s. TXT file which cut down a lot of manual computation of payroll.

Leave management is also included in accounting software which allows staff to apply for leave either offline or online whereby they can submit E-leave or E-Claims online using our user-friendly cloud system. 

To find the right accounting software for your business, ask potential vendors the following questions:

Is your software built for small businesses?

Is your accounting software a good fit for my industry?

Do you offer customized solutions to fit my business’s needs?

How many employees and clients can your software accommodate?

How can your software help me comply with GAAP, tax laws, and financial regulations?

How is my data backed up? Can access be restored immediately during an outage?

What security measures do you have in place to keep both my business’s and my customers’ data secure?

What is the total cost? Are there any setup or cloud storage fees?

What types of tech support and customer service do you provide? (For instance, does the provider offer your preferred form of contacts, such as phone or live chat?)


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