Why Business People Always Choose Accounting Software

Why Business People Always Choose Accounting Software

EZ Payroll is listed on the Singapore CPF board and IRAS as an approved vendor for submission of CPF text file online and yearly auto–inclusion text file too for yearly IR8A of employees salaries and all allowance and deductions.

This usually comes in two types – desktop accounting software or online accounting software. Desktop packages come in the form of a CD or download that you install onto your computer. If your accounts are simple, a basic software package should be sufficient, although consider which features you will need in the future. Payroll and VAT functions may not be relevant now, but check to be sure that the package you buy can be updated with different elements as your business grows. Online accounting software is considered by many to offer more flexibility than desktop software. Accessing your accounting system via a web browser, your records and data are stored securely, which can combat any loss by theft of computer crashes, and can be accessed wherever you are or whenever you like.

Create invoices and customize the look and feel

Track expenses according to categories

Manage inventory, inward-outward stock movements, and wastage

Perform bank reconciliation by importing bank transactions

Create purchase orders (PO) and record inventory purchases

Create and manage taxes

Record-Journal Voucher  entries

Manage list of customers & vendors

View account payables & receivables

View Balance Sheet, Profit & Loss Statement, and Trial Balance reports

Add additional team members

EZ Accounting had been proven to be more than just reliable. We have all the attributes that SMEs are looking for: Up-to-date, Credible, and Competent. EZ Accounting Pte. Ltd provides more than just accounting software. We are friends with SMEs, providing them with the answer to bigger, better business opportunities.

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