Payroll Accounting Software is Best Accounting Software for Small Business

Payroll Accounting Software is Best Accounting Software for Small Business

Payroll Accounting Software is Best Accounting Software for Small Business

Why Wave Accounting?

Ease of use

It’s very easy to use Accounting software, and it’s even easier to get started. Create an account in seconds by entering your email address and desired password (you can also register using your Google or Yahoo account). After signing up, you can customize your account by filling out your company name and type of business, which Wave uses to automatically create a dashboard that best suits your needs. The service also lets you add contact information, such as your address and phone number, so that this information will automatically appear on invoices, payments, and other transactions.

When you log in, you’ll be greeted with a simple dashboard, which we found very easy to navigate. It uses a sidebar menu divided into categories like Transactions, Invoices, Bills, report, so you can quickly find core functions without difficulty. With Wave’s user-friendly interface, we found our way easily and were able to create invoices, track finances and perform other accounting tasks in no time.

You can find out more information and experience Wave yourself by signing up for a free account or joining one of the company’s free webinars for new customers.

Time-saving features

Business owners we spoke to said that some of the main things they look for in accounting software are features that will save them time and take the stress out of managing finances. We’ve found that Wave’s automated features fit the bill.

Some time-saving features we liked are automatic billing and invoicing. In addition to setting up recurring bills and invoices, you can also set up reminders to help you keep track of paid and unpaid items.

Wave also automatically syncs data, so you don’t have to manually input transactions yourself. For instance, the service securely connects with your bank, credit card, PayPal, and 10,000 other financial institutions to automatically download and import expenses, deposits, and other financial data in real-time. Your data is also automatically backed up.

And if you’re in a hurry — or you just want to see your business’s financial status without going through all the numbers and reports — the dashboard features snapshots of all the critical information you need right when you log in. For instance, you’ll find at-a-glance views of your income, expenses, bank and credit card accounts, payables, receivables, recent activity, and more, all in one easily accessible page.

Another feature we liked is the MYOB accounting software’s ability to easily and quickly create accurate financial reports, such as balance sheets, sales reports, tax documents, and more using pre-made templates. That way, you don’t have to waste time starting from scratch, especially if you know nothing about financial reporting.


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