Accounting Software Limitations is free Really Better

Accounting Software Limitations is free Really Better

Accounting Software Limitations is free Really Better

Although Wave is excellent accounting software for small businesses, it offers only core accounting functions, so it isn’t for everyone. And because it’s a free software, it comes with several limitations that may make a paid software a better option for your business.

Here are three main shortcomings that we found with Wave Accounting:

Customer service

One key feature that’s not available on the Wave Accounting software is customer support — at least not for free. Although the company has an FAQ page, community forums, a knowledge base, webinars, user guides and other sources of information, sometimes what you really need is to speak with a live person. Whereas paid accounting software options come with free live customer support, Wave requires you to purchase Premium Services, which start at $9 per month. Paid support packages include live phone and chat support and a direct line to Wave headquarters.


Payroll services are not included either. Most paid accounting software programs come with payroll services (either as a built-in feature or third-party integration), but you’ll need to pay for Wave Payroll to use Wave Accounting to pay employees. Wave Payroll costs $15 per month, plus $4 per employee per month. Besides the additional costs, this also means you’re forced to use Wave’s own payroll tools, which limits your options and may make payroll harder if you prefer to use your own payroll solution.


Wave is free because it uses advertisements. In addition to posting ads while you’re using the software itself, Wave will also include its branding on communications sent to customers, such as invoices and emails. There is currently no way to get rid of advertisements, so if this is a major deal breaker, a paid accounting software is for you.

To give you a better idea of whether a paid accounting software is better for your business, here’s how Wave compares to the rest of our top picks for the best accounting software


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