EZ Accounting Software for Startup and SMEs

EZ Accounting Software for Startup and SMEs

Being an owner of a start-up or Small and Medium Enterprise (SME), then probably you looking for affordable accounting software to do all bookkeeping works. To maintain business transactions and financial records, a proper accounting system is needed. However, you need to invest in the precise business tool to accomplish the task successfully.

EZ accounting software is the best accounting software for all small businesses in Singapore. It acts as a great accounting platform for all kinds of business and makes the accounting process so easy.

It is an excellent tool to support multiple companies and clients and easy to use interface, office accounts have never been this easy.

The EZ accounting software is business-friendly software that is exactly suitable for streamlining your accounting tasks. With its rich modules, the users are allowed to update the books of account smoothly. It is an important step in keeping a tab on the cash flow and eventually, the financial health of the business. Whenever it is a decision-making time, the management needs access to the data that reflects the true state of the company’s financial affairs. It helps them in determining the implication of the decisions on the company’s bottom line. Following are the features of EZ accounting software that will assist you in making a wise decision.

Features of EZ accounting software

Budget & Forecast: Take care of your budget, forecasting, analysis, & comparison

Account Reconciliation: Able to tick against those transacted and do a Reconciliation reporting showing which cheque is cleared

Sales & Purchase Management: Boost your cash flow by sending email invoices

Inventory Management: Know what is in the stock before preparing the invoices & orders

GST Filing: Auto compute GST between Input and Output Tax. Based on transaction input automatically

Multi-Currency Reporting: Able to view at home and source currency reporting. Which ease the need for manual computation

Manage Multi-Users & Roles: Use the software to collaborate with your accountant or colleagues

Recurring Transactions: Handle repeat transactions with ease

Contact Management: Maintain customer & vendor details on the easily accessible list

Reports: Get multiple financial reports for decision-making

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