Essential Functions of Accounting Software

Essential Functions of Accounting Software

All highly regarded accounting software on the Singapore market should cover the basics of general ledger, sales and purchasing ledger, project ledgers, etc. perfectly within a joined ledger design to allow for real-time accounting:

All accounting software is pretty much the same, presenting accounts receivable, payable, general ledger, billing, and a variety of other regular components. Nevertheless, these core attributes lie dozens of other features, covering a huge array of functions and services.  It should be real-time to allow your finance team and management to realize your financial situation up to the time. Some of these features are

Multi-currency, multi-company, multi-lingual capabilities

Your accounting system should deal with the daily complexity of your business, without difficulty. However, be cautious – not all handle these areas well.

Real-time inquiry and browsing

Browsing your accounting records should be uncomplicated. For quick inquiries, your accounting staff should be able to just inquiry the system and get a quick and up-to-date result.

Reporting and Analysis

Accounting records can be complex, but with recent reporting and analysis tools, you be supposed to run the report and do difficult analysis quickly and easily. You should be able to give access to these tools to line managers and budget holders so they can modify and run reports themselves, let accounting staff do further work.


There are some chances that no accounting software will accurately match your business’s needs. That is why you have to look for a product that allows the easy customization of statements, forms, reports, screens, help systems, and other program facets.

Standard integration utilities

Accounting software today should be able to join together with other administrative and operational systems, allow you to automate basic processes, and bring information securely across the organization or anywhere in the world.

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