Exploring Your Accounting Software Implementation

Exploring Your Accounting Software Implementation

The reality is Accounting software providers are more than happy to involve software buyers as much as possible. This means you can help reduce your final software cost by doing more of the work. However, keep in mind that some companies think they know more than the experts who do this day in and day out. It is similar to self-diagnosing a serious illness and performing surgery on yourself! The best approach is to consider new software implementation as a team approach. Your software provider really can’t do it alone so you need to participate.

Also consider that many of today’s businesses, especially small ones, do not have accountants or controllers on staff. Your software provider likely has accountants on staff who can make sure that your new system is configured properly for your use.

For some things, it’s actually better for you to do yourself. However, a number of these tasks are either time-consuming or have a large potential for error making that task better done by your MYOB accounting software provider. How and if to import data from an existing system is judged by comparing the value of the time people would spend to manually enter information versus the cost to import the data.

Trying to go alone if done incorrectly, at best may mean needing to restart the process and at worst may cause incorrect data and increased cost and taxes. Your software provider has this stuff down pat. Instead of you spending 8 hours to accomplish one of these items your accounting software provider might be able to do the same task in 2 hours instead.

You also have to realize that you likely don’t have employees who are simply sitting around twiddling their thumbs! Your employees have normal day-to-day tasks that need to be done. Having to review, select, install software, gather the accounting data, configure the accounting software system and learn how to use it properly takes a lot of time. The time that they likely do not have available. If you think about it who’s going to say “I don’t have anything else to do so I can devote all my time getting this done.” In today’s business environment this is extremely rare indeed.

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