5 Good Reason To Choose Myob Software

5 Good Reason To Choose Myob Software

5 Good Reason To Choose Myob Software

MYOB Payroll Software  gives you the flexibility and variety for you to manage multiple payroll frequencies and multiple rates of pay.

MYOB Payroll supports any combination of fortnightly and monthly pay based on calendar month periods with the flexibility of defining formulas for various payroll components.

MYOB Payroll tracks and manages your employee records, earnings and deductions.

In addition to year-to-date totals, MYOB Payroll keeps the payslip information for every payslip ever issued through the system.

1.Powerful Reporting

MYOB software is extremely flexible when it comes to generating reports. This allows you to receive specific information about your business quickly and easily. Aside from offering more than 60 regular reports, MYOB also allows you to customise any reports, to give you greater insight into your business, customers, stock, finances and more. Reports generated can also be ideal for predicting cash flow problems, or working out any potential impact on cash flow of raising or lowering your prices.  Data can then be easily transferred to Word or Excel if you need to use it for correspondence or if you prefer other formats.

2.Reduce Accounting Fees

Many business owners commonly end up sending most of your business book work to your accountant at the end of every financial year in order to prepare their taxes. Yet, if all your information was already entered into your MYOB system, your accountant will end up spending far less time putting together all your information. Your accountant can simply produce a report through MYOB to generate all the information required, which saves you time and money overall.

3.Centralised Information

MYOB lets you centralise all your business information within one convenient software program. Yet, it’s still flexible enough to make that information available to other MYOB products, as well as to programs such as Microsoft Excel, Word, and even Outlook. This effectively means you can use MYOB across several customer contact points or multiple office locations and still have access to centralised data.

4.Customisable Security

You may have multiple staff members accessing your MYOB software throughout each day, but you might have certain information you don’t want some of them to access. MYOB does allow you to customise your security levels for each individual user or even different user groups. Each person can create their own unique login and then the system can be modified to allow or restrict access to areas and information that is relevant to their individual job roles.

5.Grows with Your Business

MYOB software is able to grow with your business as it expands. Add more unique users to your system in minutes as you increase staff numbers. You can even upgrade some MYOB packages to include more comprehensive and more advanced software as your business needs it.

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