Why use Accounting Software for your business?

Why use Accounting Software for your business?

EZ Accounting is Singaporean accounting software and it is a very simple business accounting program designed particularly for people who run their own business and have to maintain records, but who don’t have much knowledge about accounting. And of course, the ease of EZ Accounting makes it trouble-free for organizations to keep huge records without an accountant.

If you still need more proof, here are the main reasons to use EZ Accounting to take concern of the bookkeeping for your business.

Saves time and money

Choosing software for your small business that is easy to use will save you time as you won’t be messing around trying to work out how to use it and getting in chaos because you don’t really understand the double-entry accounting concepts of other programs require. To maintain fine records you shouldn’t be expected to have a degree in accounting. EZ Accounting is easily adequate to get you up and running straight away and comes with free training if you need any help along the way.

Cash Flow Control

An easy business accounting software like EZ Accounting can help you generate invoices and keep track of the customers who owe you money.

Tax Preparation

With EZ Accounting, you just record the money you spend and the money you obtain in the relevant columns – it’s that easy! If you keep on top of your accounts, you can then export all of this information directly to your accountant. And by using a program you understand, the high quality of your records makes your accountant’s job easier too.

Wages are made simple

EZ Accounting is an accounting and payroll software. It has a segment to manage your employees’ wages which makes paying them and meeting all of the employer superannuation requirements. Doing the end-of-year reports for your employees and the Tax Office takes just a few seconds as well!

Bank reconciliation made simple

You don’t miss deductions when you reconcile your bank account with computerized software. The account won’t balance if you don’t post the bank charges or the missing receipt for that debit card transaction at the office supply store.


As you can see, no matter what type of business you have, small business bookkeeping software is essential in running your business efficiently and effectively. But the main reason to choose EZ Accounting Software is that it is so easy, as attested to by so many accountants and small business owners.

Considering accounting software for your business? then get your hands on our business accounting and payroll software and get started right away!

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