Top 5 Business Accounting Mistakes

Top 5 Business Accounting Mistakes

Most of the entrepreneurs have an idea to start a new business. But 90 % of startup business fails within a few years. Improper financial handling is one of the big reason for startup fails. In this post, we discuss the top 5 business accounting mistakes.

Common Business Accounting Mistakes

  • Blur the Line between Personal and Business Finances
  • Lax Accounting Practices
  • Declaring Revenue before Final Delivery
  • Mismanagement of Capital Expenditures
  • Limited Financial Analysis

Blur the Line between Personal and Business Finances

Startup business people forget to separate their finances from business finances. That is a major issue for startup business owners. In the starting stage, it is not a big problem. When the business grows, this the blurred line between your personal and business finances that is a major problem for future business decision making. To avoid such problem you can use Quicken Accounting Software which helps you to maintain separate personal and business account for financial Purpose.

Lax Accounting Practices

Most of the startup business owners are not hire an expert accountant. Because they are mostly focused on other things such as payroll, bank reconciliation. To avoid such confusion you can purchase accounting software for your business. Accounting software helps you to track the financial transactions, accounts payable, accounts receivable, etc. We provide the best accounting software for Small business.

Declaring Revenue before Final Delivery  

Before determining the business profit you have to consider your business expenses. For a start-up business, it is one of the important things. Our suggestion is to declare your revenue before the final delivery.

Mismanagement of Capital Expenditures

You have heard many startups that have an extraordinary year, just to be compelled to close down the next year. They make a mistake in spending spree with money from their cash flow. This is one of the dangerous tactics for small business owners. For this purpose, you have to use separate your personal and business financial accounts.

Limited Financial Analysis

Before starting the business you have to do budgeting and forecasting. Through this analyze, you can adjust your business budget as the business develop. You should monitor the business status regularly. For this purpose, you can use the Sage UBS Accounting software that provides up to date financial report for your business. To improve the budgeting and forecasting you can read the blog:

Avoid these common business accounting mistakes in your startup business. Get success in your business.

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