Sage UBS Point of Sales (POS)

Sage UBS Point of Sales (POS)

Sage UBS Point of Sales (POS)

Sage UBS Point of Sales is specially designed for small to large-scale businesses that manage rental and counter sale activities.  At the checkout counter, all the transactions will be recorded using the scanner and POS keyboard.   By using this software you can get the following information.  Those are up-to-date inventory level information, sales personnel performance analysis, loyalty program, peak customer period analysis, product versus margins analysis, and receivables analysis.

Features of Sage UBS Point of Sales (POS)

  • By using the Sage UBS point of sale you can able to reprint the cash receipt, print bar-code labels, and view reports.
  • Through security management, you can able to control the visibility of the database.
  • Every sales transaction is captured accurately. By tracking the sales transactions, you can able to get information on deposits into and withdrawals from your cash drawer
  • By using the Sage UBS point of sale software you will get complete information about the cashier counters, salespersons, product items, indicated POS counter, and mode of payment. Through this information, you just want to put the unique code, description, and other required information for every cashier, salesperson, supervisor, credit card payment, group, category, item, or counter in your maintenance level.

Benefits of Sage UBS Point of Sales

  • Sage UBS Point of Sale software plays a major role in Retail Management. Through this software retail owners get the most essential and relevant information to run their business effectively.
  • It speedups the sales transactions
  • Customer trend analysis can be done through this software
  • It stores historical data

It generates reports such as

Cash Receipts Reports

  • Receipts
  • Sales Orders
  • Cash Recording
  • Credit Cards
  • Cheques
  • Foreign Currencies
  • Special Discounts

Sales Reports

  • Product Sales
  • Service Items
  • Salesperson Sales
  • Promoter Sales
  • Time
  • Free Items


  • Items List
  • Item Labels
  • Group and Category List
  • Promotional and Service Items List

Management Reports

  • Salesperson Performance
  • Member Analysis
  • Product Analysis
  • Payment Analysis
  • Time Analysis

Inventory Reports

  • Stock Balance
  • Inventory Physical Worksheet
  • Stock Received
  • Purchase Return
  • Stock Return
  • Stock Adjustment
  • Reorder Advice
  • Serial No Report
  • Item Grade Report

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