Impacts of EZ accounting Payroll software

Impacts of EZ accounting Payroll software

Impacts of  EZ accounting Payroll software

EZ ACCOUNTING makes it easy for companies, small or large to have a great accounting service platform. It has support for multiple companies and clients and with its sleek and easy-to-use interface, office accounts have never been this easy. Described as “Drop dead easy to use.” by its users, EZ ACCOUNTING was developed in Australia for small and medium enterprises (SME). A special added feature includes XBRL, IAF text format which is verified and accredited by Singapore ACRA for its XBRL features, and Singapore IRAS for compliance to the guideline on accounting software for ti’s IAF text file.

User–Friendly Interface makes it easy for anybody who did not use any accounting or inventory system before to master it within a few hours of training by our support team of trainers.

  • Employee Contact Information
  • Joining Date, Probation Period, Confirmation Date
  • Auto computation CPF rate for PR based on PR date. {First, Second, third}
  • Multiple Payment Modes – Cheque, Cash, Bank Giro
  • Any number of Employee Groups can be created. {Ex: Management, Staff, Temp Staff}
  • A Copy of the Email of payslip can be configured to be sent to HR or employees themselves
  • Unlimited claim types can be created
  • Unlimited Payroll addition allowance or deduction types can be created
  • Payroll Overtime can be computed once set the overtime ( OT) rate allocated to each staff
  • Leave Management
  • Allow Management
  • Salary Report
  • Submission of TXT files direct to CPF Board Singapore and IRAS Singapore.

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