How To Evaluate The Ubs Accounting Software

How To Evaluate The Ubs Accounting Software

From preparation of financial reports to integration options with Payroll and Inventory systems, your accounting tasks are now so much simpler and you have better control over your finances with the usage of Sage_UBS Accounting software.

Sage_Ubs Accounting is integrated with simple posting to it’s Sage_Ubs Inventory Software whereby all the inventory costing are link to it’s accounting software and that reduce time in computation of item costing and viewing of item profit margin reporting on a real time basis.

It comes with different modules which includes:

Sage_Ubs Accounting Software

Another brand of Accounting Software that we carry is Sage Ubs Accounting is the most popular accounting software in Malaysia, famous of its easy-to-use features and great flexibility. Sage UBS Software also comes with Sage_Ubs Assets Register, a handy tool to manage your fixed asset and calculation of depreciation.

Sage_Ubs Inventory & Billing Software System (Stock Control)

Sage Ubs Accounting Software has a well-merged inventory control, order processing and purchasing system. Formerly known as Sage Ubs Stock Control, it is famous of wide range of features, useful reports, easy to use and customization.

Sage_Ubs Payroll & Human Resource Management Software System

Sage Ubs Accounting Software covers features with great flexibility and accuracy has been the main factors of being popular to almost all industries of SME. Now comes with Sage Ubs Human Resource Management to compliment the management and administration leaves, claims, resources and appraisal.

Sage_Ubs Point of Sale (POS) Software System

Sage Ubs Accounting Software feature-rich PC based cash register system is designed for all types of retail outlets. It can be used by itself or integrated with Sage Ubs Inventory & Billing for more comprehensive inventory control.

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