Singapore Accounting Software Market

Singapore Accounting Software Market

A Guide to Small Business Accounting Software

Singapore Accounting Software Market

Computerised Accounting Packages

One essential requirement in running and managing of an organisation is the need for clear, relevant and accurate information. In particular, an organisation needs accounting information that gives a complete picture of all financial transactions that have taken place and the current financial position of the organisation. Accounting information is vital to the owners and managers of business organisations, and there are often other stakeholders who have an interest in the financial performance and position of the business.

At an organisation’s financial year-end, the accountant will prepare financial statements including a trading and profit and loss account and a balance sheet. The system that provides all the information for these final accounts is known as the accounting system. The quality and accuracy of the information presented in the final accounts depends entirely on using an effective accounting system correctly.

Beginning with the source documents that show financial transactions, accounting staff will need to classify and encode the information before inputting the details into the system. However, organisations need information quickly and manual systems can be slow. Computerised accounting packages are based on double-entry principles and will give informative reports in a matter of seconds. Organisations will adopt the most suitable accounting system for their resources and needs. Whichever system is chosen, the year-end task of preparing the final accounts remains the same. Organisations rely on effective control of resources including cash. Most organisations depend on making a profit. The accounting system is an integral part of managing money so survival of an organisation depends on that system

EZ Accounting is dominating the Singapore Accounting Software market for small businesses. Best part of this accounting software is easy implementation and use. Trained accounting professionals are readily available in market due to which employer is not required to train their employees.

With EZ Accounting you can manage all most all of your accounting things like inventory, sales, purchases, manufacturing cost, payroll and other statutory year end processes. Singapore accountants are so used to this accounting software that it will be very difficult for other products to take over EZ Accounting.

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