Protect Your Company’s Most Valuable Asset with an Inventory Management System

Protect Your Company’s Most Valuable Asset with an Inventory Management System

Protect Your Company’s Most Valuable Asset with an Inventory Management System

An Inventory Management System is crucial to your Financial Success

When you consider that your company’s computer system, and every network device connected to it, is one of its most valuable assets, you may be able to see why a network inventory management system is crucial to your financial success. Here are four ways an inventory management system will help protect your company’s largest asset – your computer network.

  1. Information theft– A network inventory management system not only keeps track of your hardware but also your software. It also shows you who has access to that software. A regular check of your system’s inventory will let you know who has downloaded and used software they may not be authorized to use.
  2. Equipment theft– A network management system will automatically detect every piece of equipment and software connected to your system. And it will also let you know which items are not working properly, which items need to be replaced, and which items have mysteriously disappeared. Eliminate workplace theft simply by running a regularly scheduled inventory check.
  3. Licensing agreements– An inventory of your software and licensing agreements will let you know if you’ve got the necessary licensing agreements for all your software. Insufficient licensing can cost you usage fees and fines and duplicating software that you already have is an unnecessary expense.
  4. System Upgrades– Outdated equipment and software can cost your company time, money, and resources. Downtime and slow response times are two of the biggest time killers for your business. Set filters on your network inventory management system to alert you when it’s time to upgrade the software or replace the hardware with newer technology to keep your system running as smoothly and efficiently as possible.

Think about it. You do a monthly inventory of the products that you sell. Find the right network inventory management system, and you’ll be able to stay on top of every networking event under your control

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