Best POS Software in Singapore 2018

Best POS Software in Singapore 2018

Point of sale system is applicable to all types of businesses despite their sizes and types. Different business sized owners from small to large ones can use point of sale systems like retail, hospital, clothing, automotive, Rental Software, Cloud-based Point of sale, E-Commerce, saloon, sports goods, veterinary, Gift shop, Mobile store, Payment processing, Pharmacy, Farms and many more. Businesses can get plenty of advantages by using Singapore POS software.

Every business related to person’s life is directly or indirectly connected to the POS system because somehow all are connected with each one by buying or selling commodities for business. It is a mixture of two main components, hardware, and software that handle the business.

POS system starts to carry out various functions since computers start to store, analyze, capture, sales, and purchase data management. There are so many benefits of using a point of sale system because it saves time and removes data duplication, boosts efficiency. The point of sale system also deals with inventory and offer detail analyzed reports to make better customer relationship management (CRM) services.

POS softwares are inexpensive to buy and easy to use and do more than just process sales and accept payments, as they include time-saving features that help you analyze your sales data and manage your inventory, staff, and customers.

Point of Sales System helps in retail management when it comes to touchscreen ordering of items and link to Touch Screen Cash Register terminal. Sales transactions are entered easily with a touch screen monitor at the POS terminal, increasing the speed with which the transaction occurs and reducing the waste of time using a mouse scrolling up and down and numerous of clicks! EZ Point of Sales is linked to EZ Accounting and EZ Inventory System such as auto update of stock and accounting figures are done within seconds by it. This can helps in the instant viewing of your profit costing of your items and stocks transfer between warehouses to each outlet.

Features of EZ Point Of Sales (POS)

  • Installed on any Win OS
  • Issue purchase order/Email purchase orders to suppliers
  • User-friendly interface for your grouping of items on Touch Screen Pos Terminal
  • Track staff login time and transactions
  • Monitor movement of stocks
  • Printing of receipts either from dot matrix printer/terminal printer/laser printer
  • Stock transfer at the different location
  • Viewing of stocks at different locations
  • Powerful stock reporting
  • Printing of Z-reporting
  • Sales reporting of stocks

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