5 Benefits of using POS Accounting Software

5 Benefits of using POS Accounting Software

5 Benefits of using POS Accounting Software

Sales transactions are entered easily with a touch screen monitor at the POS terminal, increasing the speed with which the transaction occurs and reducing the waste of time using a mouse scrolling up and down and numerous clicks!

Stocks are easily tracked at each outlet using online cloud Retails Point Of Sales( also known as Retail POS)such as each item sold is tracked in our powerful POS inventory control system within the POS software itself. EZ Point of Sales is linked to EZ Accounting and EZ Inventory System such as auto-update of stock and accounting figures are done within seconds by itself. This can help in instant viewing of your profit costing of your items and stocks transfer between warehouse to each outlet.

1. Greater control over vendor and customer information

The most tedious element of bookkeeping is having to capture and update information. And in a restaurant environment where competition is high and every vendor is trying to get their pound of flesh, you’re up for a lot of chopping and changing. Pilot PoS integrates seamlessly with Sage to ensure that changes to vendor and customer data are easily updated across both platforms so you don’t have to duplicate every amendment manually. This also minimizes the chances of billing errors popping up as your creditors’ info is always up-to-date.

2. Save time that can be better spent on other tasks

Accounting Software takes up a lot of time and it’s not one of those tasks that you can do half-heartedly – it requires your full attention. But you’d rather be spending this time coming up with new offerings and growing your establishment. The integration of our PoS software with  Sage ensures that your financial entries are automatically synced daily, minimizing the time you spend balancing the books. Our advanced PoS software tracks every bill closed, every vendor paid, every discount, void, and return, then accurately updates this on your accounting system so you don’t have to.

3. Simplify and optimize general ledger accounts

Manually capturing account entries is extremely time-consuming and open to human error. Pilot PoS software and Sage make it possible to have your ledger accounts taken care of automatically which optimizes efficiency and accuracy. You can instantly update sales and accounts payable, and inventory purchases and returns, without having to duplicate the process on your accounting system. This also minimizes the risk of duplicated entries and ensures that your financial records are up-to-date and easily accessible for your accountant come tax season.

4. Eliminate redundancy by working from a single platform

When you work with multiple systems or software, you are acutely aware of the risk of duplicating data. This can have some costly repercussions such as not paying the right vendor on time, paying a creditor double, and not being able to reclaim that money. Entering the same information across different platforms also takes much longer. However, Pilot’s automated integration of our powerful PoS and Sage accounting software lets you take care of multiple entries from a single platform, eliminating the risk of duplicates and human error and minimizing the time spent on inputting data. Automation gives you added peace of mind that you’re paying the right people at the right time and maintaining your good credit score.

5. Always be prepared for the taxman

PoS accounting software plays a crucial role in collecting and correlating financial data along with your accounting system so that you never fall behind on your tax duties. PoS records every transaction in your establishment ensuring that your sales tax is separated automatically and credit amounts are allocated correctly. The integration with Sage ensures that this information is shared accurately and in real-time across the two platforms so that your financial data is updated and ready for tax purposes. You’re doing yourself and your accountant a favor by having all of your finances ordered and up-to-date.

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