EZ Inventory Software

How EZ Inventory Software Helps In Your Company Stock Control Management?

EZ Inventory Software (also known as Stock Control Software) track all types of inventory, from the products that are used to make the end product, to the retail product itself.

Inventory Software Singapore

Inventory Software in an important module to track stocks movement and has been a top business concern for hundreds of years. Even before the advent of technology, business owners needed to track the number of stocks so they could complete their billing such as when issue invoice they need to know stock balance and many more information before they issue their invoice or purchase order from suppliers. They needed to track how many items are left in their warehouse, so they would not run out when the customers made their order anytime. You can do manage well in your inventory by using computerized  inventory management system. It’s Inventory Software is auto integrated with EZ Accounting Software.
Currently, there is also online inventory management, which is especially useful for salespeople, who are always on the go such as van sales online inventory tracking whereby you can track your stocks anytime using EZ Cloud Inventory System and to print your invoices or delivery order using our mobile printer anytime anywhere.

EZ Inventory Software

Advantages Of Using An Inventory Software from EZ Accounting Pte. Ltd. – Singapore

  • Comprehensive inventory stock reports
  • Detail stock valuation costing reporting
  • Facilitates ship and track inventory parts
  • Facilitates inventory valuation and adjustments
  • Links to service management
  • Encompasses sales order processing and purchasing
  • Fully integrates with EZ Accounting
  • Print Delivery Order / Invoice / Cash Sale
  • Print Sales Order / Purchase Order / Debit Note
  • Re-order / Stock replenishment recommendation
  • Stock Cards
  • Month to Date stock status reports
  • Stock aging reports
  • Multi-sorted sales analysis report by :-
    Gross profit analysis reports by :-
    Yearly sales & purchase report
    Top 25 product sales by quantity and sales value
    Item graded reports
    Serial number reports
    Batch code item listing movement reporting






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