Advantages of using Cloud Accounting for Small Business

How to Choose Cloud Accounting Software for Your Business

How to Choose Cloud Accounting Software for Your Business

Being cloud based means that your accounting software is available 24*7, anywhere that there is an internet. Your online system can also be linked to bank feeds for up-to-date and accurate syncing with your accounts, which makes for super easy reconciling. The data itself is backed-up off-site, so safer than storing on your own computer system.

The benefits of an online business accounting solution:

  • Real time, anytime
  • Minimises data entry and handling
  • See your finances, incomings and outgoings, at a glance
  • User-friendly, summarised dashboard screens and no hard-to-understand accounting jargon
  • Easily identify trends, opportunities and weaknesses through reporting and analytics
  • No software updates required; you’ll always be using the latest version
  • Easy collaboration between business owner, bookkeeper, accountant and any other accounts staff.
  • Low start-up costs and no term commitment.

Reasons for moving to cloud accounting:

There are plenty of benefits you can achieve when managing your business finances online using cloud accounting. Here are some reasons why a small business must go with a cloud-accounting solution:

  1. Your data is available anytime, anywhere
  2. Cloud accounting is a cost-effective solution
  3. Integration with other software and applications
  4. Ease of use
  5. Customer support


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